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Is your IT holding your business back?

September Tech Update

Signs your IT infrastructure needs updating

6 signs your IT infrastructure is outdated

64% of companies increasing their IT budgets in 2020 say the biggest driver is the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure. These are the six signs old IT systems are compromising your business’s potential.

Bringing simplicity to a world of unpredictability

Many organisations are looking for agile, intelligent, cost-saving IT solutions that can relieve today’s IT pressures. Harness the cost-efficiency and business-critical resiliency and performance of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI to solve your business challenges.

Get the service experience you expect

Achieve your desired outcomes by aligning your priorities with the IT support service experience you expect. HPE Service Credits gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of specialised service activities, when you need them. These include assessments, performance analysis, firmware management, professional services, and operational best practices.


Join the webinar where you’ll hear answers and solutions to today’s data, storage and security challenges plaguing IT leaders; and how they can help organisations fight cybercrime with strong defensive practices and advanced technology.

Adapt to the new normal Hybrid Workplace

It’s no surprise that technology will be a key factor in how we get back to the office post COVID-19, in enabling what will be the new normal. The networking solution such as contact and location tracing will help organisations manage the health and safety of employees, guests, partners and customers as they return to the office, the store, and the campus.


To make sure you are building a better network, follow these 5 simple rules.

HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the worlds’ most secure platform to meet these critical demands.

HPE Data Storage offers a breadth of proven products for client virtualisation.

3 ways AI will transform work for today’s students

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that artificial intelligence is going to change the jobs we will do in the future and redefine the role of humans in the workplace. Here we look at the three ways AI will change the world of work for today’s students.

Protect and modernise your data centre

The End of Support for Windows Server® 2008 has ended on 14 January 2020. For businesses that have not upgraded to a new operating system will put their business at risk. The biggest risk factor is security – the legacy hardware are much more vulnerable to attack. For a limited time, save on Windows Server 2019 licences that run on AMD based servers.

Improving the patient experience by optimising telehealth through COVID-19 and beyond

Telehealth is enabling clinicians to provide the best possible care in a challenging time. How will this new model of care change the role of the clinician and the patient?

August Tech Update

Digital transformation + your business

5-minute survey: Enter to win a mini projector

Recent headlines are constantly talking about new advancements in digital transformation. Is your company on the journey? If so, let us know in this quick survey.

Mission-critical redefined

With HPE Primera, you get intelligent, self-managing storage that raises the bar on resiliency and performance, backed by a 100% Availability Guarantee. Get instant access to data with storage that sets up in minutes and upgrades transparently. Stay always modern with timeless storage that eliminates forklift upgrades. There are many reasons why you should upgrade or choose HPE Primera.

Learn how to prevent, detect and recover from a cyberattack

Remote work is quickly becoming the new normal and cyber criminals are taking advantage of the situation, levelling an unprecedented number of attacks. The Worldwide Health Organisation (WHO) is reporting a five fold increase in cyber-attacks, and urging vigilance.

Join the webinar where you’ll hear answers and solutions to today’s data, storage and security challenges plaguing IT leaders; and how they can help organisations fight cybercrime with strong defensive practices and advanced technology.

It’s time to think differently about managing your network

The adoption of cloud-based applications, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS) have become commonplace, with over 92% of midsize businesses currently using one or more to deliver business services. Cloud-managed networking is commonly used to manage Wi-Fi, wired and SD-WAN network infrastructure as a cloud-based service.

To make sure you are building a better network, follow these 5 simple rules.

HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the worlds’ most secure platform to meet these critical demands.

HPE Data Storage offers a breadth of proven products for client virtualisation.

Get a simplified IT operations experience

HPE can help to simplify your IT operations by providing expertise for your environment, even if it is multi-vendor, with a single point of accountability via its dedicated account support team. You are now able to obtain this type of support through HPE Datacentre Care as a Starter Pack. It’s simple and easy to order.

One infrastructure to run any workload

Gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric resources into any configuration for any workload. HPE Synergy can accelerate your application delivery simply and efficiently.

Digital literacy: What is it, and why does it matter?

Digital literacy isn’t just the ability to use a computer. It involves a range of competencies, such as coding, internet and computer mastery – and it’s never been more important.

Boileau - Don't Miss a Call

Don’t Miss A Call

A Hosted Mobile Application may be beneficial to your business and we know how to make it happen.

Boileau - Don't Miss a Call

We want to make sure that your team can work effectively and efficiently. An important part of this is ensuring that you do not miss a call. Your phone system can be setup to let your customers find you wherever you are.

We have an offer that includes full guided setup to assist with this transition.

In just minutes you and your team can be set up to:

  • Link your business phone lines to your team’s mobiles
  • Create call menu’s to distribute incoming calls
  • Enable call forwarding / transfers from your mobile to your team
  • Conference Calls

All from as little as $15 per month per user
(set up fee will also apply)

Why partnering with a South Australian Company will support the rebuild of the local economy

There are 143,000 small family businesses in South Australia employing 20 or less people.

This equates to 98% of businesses in SA.

Over the past decade 57% of job growth has been from the SME sector.

By supporting SME businesses, such as Boileau Business Technology, you will support employment growth for our state.

Unfortunately the current unemployment rate in SA is 8.2%.

Business growth and confidence will be critical to fuel employment recovery.

If each SME was to employee one additional team member our underemployment would immediately drop by 6.2%

As we navigate the road to recovery
let’s support our SA Businesses!

July Tech Update

Why digital transformation is rapidly accelerating.

The future of business depends on today’s digital transformation

A huge 73% of IT managers are planning to accelerate digital transformation initiatives during this crisis. This ebook breaks down the top four digital transformation trends that are poised to shape our future.

Reduce complexity with HPE Apollo Systems

Technology is transforming nearly every human and business process, from driving business growth, to translating documents in real time, to enhancing decision-making. HPE helps you accelerate value from your data, using AI to create new experiences, drive smarter operations, and deliver breakthrough innovation.

Accelerate Return to Work Safely with Video Analytics

When the time is right, getting your people back to work and welcoming your clients in a safe and sustainable manner will be a priority. Implementing a video analytics solution will allow you to monitor all those entering your premises and their movements around the site to ensure compliance with social distancing rules and health guidelines.

Choosing the right VDI Storage solutions matters

The recent unprecedented circumstances are threatening businesses in every industry and interrupting essential daily business requirements. Customers are looking to rapidly unleash mobile productivity using VDI.

HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the worlds’ most secure platform to meet these critical demands.

HPE Data Storage offers a breadth of proven products for client virtualisation.

See our IT solutions for small and midsized businesses

Grow your business with small business IT solutions that power your key ambitions and help you achieve big goals. Whether you’re a small business with no on-staff IT expertise or a growing midsize company with IT generalists, these easy-to-own, small business technology solutions combine servers, storage, software, networking, and cloud capabilities into a turnkey experience.

In the AI era, universities need to strengthen students’ creativity

AI and ML have long been feared to herald the extinction of traditionally human-filled roles, yet recent events have demonstrated that this prophecy is far from the truth. AI will not eliminate humans, but it will change the landscape and redefine the economy – so how can students be prepared?

June Tech Update

Here’s how IT projects should be run.

Guidebook: Making the most out of IT projects

All successful IT projects require proper planning – but what does that mean for you and your team? Learn how to execute them successfully (and smoothly) with this ebook.

The Edge is where the action is

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems converge operational technology (OT) – such as data acquisition, control systems and industrial networks – with enterprise-class IT in a single, rugged system suited for harsh edge environments to enable innovative new abilities at the edge.

HPE helps you address the challenges of today while transforming for tomorrow

HPE is here to help. Register to the HPE Discover Virtual Experience, starting from 23 June. This event experience will give you the information and tools needed to help you connect, engage, adapt, learn and recover today for growth tomorrow.

HPE Storage & Big Data

HPE is a leader in intelligent hybrid cloud storage solutions with a portfolio of on-premises as-a-service storage and cloud data services to support enterprise applications in the cloud. This creates unique value enabling IT to preserve cash flow without compromise to applications.

Achieve a faster result with extensive, multivendor support

Simplify your multivendor IT environment so you can focus on driving business innovation. With HPE Multivendor support, you can reduce the time from diagnosis to repair with robust repair processes utilising HPE best practices and resources.

What the recent spike in AI learning means for schools

Online learning has seen a drastic increase over the past few months, with a huge spike in courses specialising in AI and technology. The tech learning space is shifting quickly with big implications for high schools and colleges who still rely on traditional methodologies and pathways.

Boileau In The Media

Episode 2
Women On Boards and In Senior Executive Roles

We are pleased share a documentary with you that our very own Angelique Boileau has been featured in ‘Transcending The Gender Narrative’ created by Amelia Veale.


The 8 part documentary series investigates how to transcend our current gender narrative. Through interviews with women in typically male dominated industries or roles, they look at how to move past previously existing gender stereotypes. In each episode, they also interview the male counterparts who support and champion women in these positions.


Angelique features in Episode Two, which can be viewed via the link below.

Women On Boards and In Senior Executive Roles