A note from Boileau’s Managing Director

This is the 10th year I’m participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout and over that time, I’ve managed to fundraise $100,000 to help end homelessness.


None of that would’ve been possible without the help and donations from customers, business partners and the wider community. So, a massive THANK YOU from me and my team.


This year, Boileau kicked off the fundraising with a $10,000 donation and ask if our community would match it? PLUS, we commit that every additional $ raised above this goal will be matched dollar for dollar by Boileau.


No amount is too small, and feel free to share this article with anyone who may be able to help.

Boileau Business Technology launches digital signage arm

Have you seen our new 5 x 4 metre LED sign? We’re very excited about it!

It’s part of our partnership with the recently rebranded FUJIFILM. This one-of-a-kind digital sign reaches 120,000 Adelaidians every day and it’s available for businesses to advertise.

Give us a ring on 08 8354 6700 if you’d like to know more about how digital signage can help your business grow.

Boileau February Tech Update

An Xbox Series X could be yours!

Tell us about your server ecosystem

Is your company operating on-premise or in the cloud? Answer that question – and just a few more – to be entered to win an Xbox Series X.

Migration: HPE BladeSystem to HPE Synergy

Gain efficiency and control, and deploy IT resources quickly through a single interface. HPE Synergy, a powerful software-defined solution, enables you to compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute, storage and fabric resources into any configuration for any workload.

HPE IT Performance and System Healthcheck Services

From simple assessments right through to complex custom ROI projects HPE provides Performance Services for every stage of the IT lifecycle. HPE System Healthcheck Services are designed to identify your system’s security, performance, configuration, and availability problems before they affect your critical operations.

HPE Primera

HPE Primera redefines high-end storage with unparalleled simplicity, extreme resiliency and performance, and the most advanced intelligence in the industry.

How portable learning records will unlock education and employment opportunities

While there is more education data than ever, most if it is trapped in applications. Digital learner records could be used to track recognitions and competencies, and match the right graduates with the right jobs.

Meet Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native platform to automate, unify, and protect the Edge.

Aruba is introducing Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native platform designed to automate, unify and protect the Intelligent Edge. Purpose-built for the new requirements at the edge, Aruba ESP continuously connects, protects, analyses and acts.

3 tech-driven innovative patient engagement strategies transforming healthcare today

Healthcare providers will need to rethink their perspective on IT and adapt a more on-demand style of delivery by connecting patients to their care providers.

Boileau January Tech Update

Meet the machines that paved the way for a 100-year technical revolution.

A 100 year tech revolution in review – plus what’s ahead

From the humble home radio to pocket-sized artificial intelligence, the last 100 years have been a technological whirlwind. Now as mind and machine prepare to merge, we look back nostalgically.

HPE VDI Ready to Deploy

Today exceptional circumstances have threatened businesses in every industry, interrupting essential daily business requirements. Customers are looking to rapidly unleash mobile productivity using VDI. HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the world’s most secure platform to meet these critical demands. Get started with HPE Synergy.

Datacentre Care Service

Choose HPE Datacentre Care to provide operational excellence for your entire hybrid IT, including servers, storage and networking, both on and off premise. Your assigned team of HPE experts allows you to simplify and get more out of day-to-day operations and you can get priority access to reactive support for your specific multivendor IT environment.

Benefits to consider HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is an intelligent, disaggregated hyperconverged infrastructure that delivers the simplicity of HCI with the flexibility of converged. It’s simple to set up, simple to manage, simple to scale, and delivers a predictive and proactive support experience with HPE InfoSight. See top 5 reasons to consider HPE Nimble Storage dHCI.

Digital Credentials: A better way to capture and communicate learning

For hundreds of years we’ve relied on time as the primary measure of learning. But a transcript tells little about what a learner knows and can do. There is an opportunity for better credential units of learning and to communicate true capabilities.

Six-Point Protection for Today’s Midsized Businesses

New technology creates opportunities but also new vulnerabilities that could threaten your business. See the top 6 innovative Aruba security features designed to keep your network safe.

Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses

Cybersecurity researchers discovered a computer attack that could allow hackers to remotely trick laboratory scientists into creating toxins and viruses. So what does this mean for the future – and safety – of healthcare?

December Tech Update

Data-centric deployments to downplay any downturn

Tenacious tech: what CEOs need to drive unprecedented growth

CEOs are the captains of today’s most viable enterprises – and technology is their second in command. Discover which tech tools they need to navigate the choppy waters and set a course toward growth.

HPE ProLiant Servers with 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ delivers record breaking performance

Support and secure any workload with intelligent HPE ProLiant DL325 and DL385 server platforms powered by AMD EPYC processors. It is capable to step up to the performance levels your business demands and double system performance through increased core, thread and memory density, plus higher I/O.

Intelligent Data Platform

HPE intelligent data platform is an AI-driven storage solution that prevents issues before they occur by learning and adjusting in real time. This platform was developed with hybrid infrastructure in mind, meaning your data is accessible and usable across all cloud environments.

Huge HPE 3PAR install base to upgrade

Tech refresh of over 75,000 HPE 3PAR systems, many of which have been deployed for over 5 years. HPE Primera is the next logical step for HPE 3PAR customers with complete interoperability, consistent management, and seamless data mobility. HPE Primera is a mission-critical storage that can be self-installed and self-upgraded in a matter of minutes, backed by a 100% Availability Guarantee.

HPE Greenlake: The Cloud that comes to you

HPE GreenLake delivers the modern cloud experience for all your apps and data, everywhere. You can get the simplicity, agility and economics of public cloud, and the security, control and performance benefits of on-premises IT on your terms by using HPE GreenLake. Free up your talents to accelerate what’s next for your business.

82% of SMBs believe the Cloud is crucial to their growing business¹

As an IT pro for a small or midsize business (SMB), you are being pulled in a million different directions and are tasked to do more with less. The good news is you can make your business more simple, smart, and secure by following 3 tech trends.

Human work: Learn stuff computers can’t do

As computers become smarter and more capable and displace humans from repetitive tasks, humans need to bring compassion, empathy, ethics, people and problem-solving skills. How are you preparing students for an automated workplace?

For a limited time, save on licences for Windows Server 2019: The operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud with selected AMD based servers.

November Tech Update

A Nintendo Switch could be yours!

Survey: How do you see your business in 2021?

2020 has been a year of change. Next year, do you project that your business will be working in the office, remotely or a hybrid of both? Answer that question – and just a few more – to be entered to win a Nintendo Switch.

Never drop an important call

With Instant On wireless access points, voice and video business applications are automatically prioritised, so you stay connected with your peers. It’s easy and quick to be set up for all industry types including retail shops, cafes, schools, medical offices and reimagined offices.

What is location-aware office?

The consideration for workers to physically return to the office when it’s safe to do so is definitely on top of mind for most organisations. If we imagine a place where technology enables a safe environment with services such as heat mapping, proximity alerts, or contact tracing, this is known as the location-aware office. All of these location services are available and can be managed via the network infrastructure with Aruba.

IT Security must be part of every small business technology plan

Small business IT teams need to learn how to mitigate their security risks to protect the long-term health of their organisations. To start, implement a multilayered security plan to combat even the strongest attacks. Then having servers such as HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors that have built-in security features will keep your business secure.

Are you using Government SMB Support Schemes to upscale your IT?

While it seems the current climate may result in tightened spending conditions, there is still good news for businesses. The Instant Asset Write Off Scheme is great if you’re looking to claim a deduction for assets purchased for your business, for up to $150,000. The instant asset write-off threshold has been extended to 31 December 2020 so get in quick

Perfect storage for today’s SMB

HPE MSA Gen6 is the newest iteration of the HPE’s #1 entry-level array for more than ten years. It’s a flash-ready hybrid storage system designed to deliver hands-free, affordable application acceleration for demanding SMB workloads.

5 reasons 1:1 teaching environments benefit everyone

EdTech’s in high demand, and its ability to improve creativity and communication is only the beginning. See how 1:1 learning environments are giving schools and students the ultimate advantage.

For a limited time, save on licences for Windows Server 2019: The operating system that bridges on-premises and cloud with selected AMD based servers.

Legacy Letter

Hi Angelique


Hello there, I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU on behalf of every Legacy Family in SA and Broken Hill, and all of us here at Legacy.

What an amazing job you did, supporting Legacy on Friday 6th November – honouring our fallen or injured heroes and raising funds to ensure Legacy Families do not suffer after the loss of a loved one who served our country.

Your incredible efforts, and every dollar you raised, means we can continue to care and support nearly 4,500 partners and children of our veterans.

Thank you once again, for every step you took and every dollar you raised for Legacy Families!

Although the event is over, there is still time to circulate your online fundraising page (open until 30 November); email your friends, work colleagues and family to get their support. We truly appreciate you getting behind us and helping us provide for veteran’s families in need.

Yours sincerely

Zorica Zuill
The Remembrance Walk Team

Today you can double your impact

Today you can double your impact and help create a BR/GHT Future for the vulnerable in our community…

We’re proud to be the founding partner of SAHMRI BR/GHT. BR/GHT is a brand new virtual challenge event, (for 2020 ONLY) raising funds for urgent medical research

SAHMRI BR/GHT is a walking challenge of either 50km or 75km that will take place over 10 days, between 3 – 12 December.

Every donation made to SAHMRI BR/GHT up to $10,000 in total will be matched up by Boileau so collectively we can double our impact and make a BR/GHTer future for people facing disease and illness or living with disability.

I invite you to watch the short video below that outlines why the Boileau Team and I encourage you to make a generous donation .

When you make a donation your money will help SAHMRI to fund lifesaving research into some of the biggest health challenges of our time and goes towards:

  • Providing seed funding for innovative new research projects
  • Paying for clinical trials and community-based health programs
  • Buying vital equipment and laboratory consumables and products
  • Helping to test and develop new devices
  • Employing highly skilled research and support staff to undertake lifesaving research


This is a cause that you cannot let slip under your radar, please play your part and be a community contributor…..thank you in advance for your generous support!


Angelique Boileau
Managing Director
Boileau Business Technology

Double your donations tomorrow!

It’s been a crazy week with the short lockdown in South Australia, and changing the dates for this year’s BR/GHT challenge to Dec 3 – 12, but we’ve got just the thing to get us all firing and back on track!

Our wonderful Founding Partner, Boileau Business Technology, has jumped in with both feet and tomorrow is going all out to help you take your next big step in fundraising.

Tomorrow Boileau will match every donation made to BR/GHT from 12.30pm ACDT* tomorrow, up to $10,000 in total.

That’s right, from 12:30pm ACDT* tomorrow every online donation made to your BR/GHT challenge will be doubled – until we pass $10,000 donated!

Give or get a $50 donation, and you’ll see $100 added to your fundraising total. Give or get a $100 donation, and Boileau will double it to $200!

To help you get going, we’ll send you an email when the match kicks off including some handy messages you can cut and paste to get your donation requests out (but feel free to start lining up your mates right now!), and if we have your mobile number (and you are opted in) we’ll send you an SMS as well when the match begins.

We’ll let you know on facebook when we hit that $10,000 mark and the matching has run out.

Check the timetable at the end of this email to see what time the donation match starts in your local area.

Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts so far – and remember if you need help or more information, just call me on 08 7077 2696 or email me at

Nick Lane
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

* Check your local time zone for when the donation match starts:

ACST – 11.30 am – Northern Territory

ACDT – 12.30 pm – South Australia

AEDT – 1.00 pm – Tasmania, Victoria, ACT, New South Wales

AEST – 12.00 pm – Queensland

AWST – 10.30 am – Western Australia

COVID-19 Office Update

Dear Customer,

Boileau Business Technology is committed to the health and wellbeing of our people, Clients and communities, we value our relationship and remain committed to supporting you.

Our Help Desk remains accessible to all our Clients and will continue to assist remotely, however if site visit is required we will only be able to attend to Clients that are classified “essential services”.

We will continue to support you within the current boundaries placed on us by both the State Government and SA Health Authorities.

Our Executives, Risk Management and Coronavirus Response Team have been working diligently today to make sure we are well prepared for the ‘Lockdown” and that our plans are flexible enough to be able to respond to the changes as they occur.

In addition to following the authority’s guidelines we are formulating additional measures, to further reduce the risk to our people and yours and the community at large. Our commitment to client service will remain unchanged. Our people remain accessible and ready to assist you with any challenges that COVID-19 presents for you.

We look forward to collaborating with you to minimise disruption to your businesses.


Angelique Boileau
Managing Director
Boileau Business Technology