COVID-19 Office Update

Dear Customer,

Boileau Business Technology is committed to the health and wellbeing of our people, Clients and communities, we value our relationship and remain committed to supporting you.

Our Customer Support Desk remains accessible to all our Clients and will continue to assist remotely, however if site visit is required we will only be able to attend to Clients that are classified “essential services”.

We will continue to support you within the current boundaries placed on us by both the State Government and SA Health Authorities.

Our Executives, Risk Management and Coronavirus Response Team have been working diligently today to make sure we are well prepared for the ‘Lockdown” and that our plans are flexible enough to be able to respond to the changes as they occur.

In addition to following the authority’s guidelines we are formulating additional measures, to further reduce the risk to our people and yours and the community at large. Our commitment to client service will remain unchanged. Our people remain accessible and ready to assist you with any challenges that COVID-19 presents for you.

We look forward to collaborating with you to minimise disruption to your businesses.


Angelique Boileau
Managing Director
Boileau Business Technology