Double your donations tomorrow!

It’s been a crazy week with the short lockdown in South Australia, and changing the dates for this year’s BR/GHT challenge to Dec 3 – 12, but we’ve got just the thing to get us all firing and back on track!

Our wonderful Founding Partner, Boileau Business Technology, has jumped in with both feet and tomorrow is going all out to help you take your next big step in fundraising.

Tomorrow Boileau will match every donation made to BR/GHT from 12.30pm ACDT* tomorrow, up to $10,000 in total.

That’s right, from 12:30pm ACDT* tomorrow every online donation made to your BR/GHT challenge will be doubled – until we pass $10,000 donated!

Give or get a $50 donation, and you’ll see $100 added to your fundraising total. Give or get a $100 donation, and Boileau will double it to $200!

To help you get going, we’ll send you an email when the match kicks off including some handy messages you can cut and paste to get your donation requests out (but feel free to start lining up your mates right now!), and if we have your mobile number (and you are opted in) we’ll send you an SMS as well when the match begins.

We’ll let you know on facebook when we hit that $10,000 mark and the matching has run out.

Check the timetable at the end of this email to see what time the donation match starts in your local area.

Thank you so much for your fantastic efforts so far – and remember if you need help or more information, just call me on 08 7077 2696 or email me at

Nick Lane
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

* Check your local time zone for when the donation match starts:

ACST – 11.30 am – Northern Territory

ACDT – 12.30 pm – South Australia

AEDT – 1.00 pm – Tasmania, Victoria, ACT, New South Wales

AEST – 12.00 pm – Queensland

AWST – 10.30 am – Western Australia