Is your IT holding your business back?

September Tech Update

Signs your IT infrastructure needs updating

6 signs your IT infrastructure is outdated

64% of companies increasing their IT budgets in 2020 say the biggest driver is the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure. These are the six signs old IT systems are compromising your business’s potential.

Bringing simplicity to a world of unpredictability

Many organisations are looking for agile, intelligent, cost-saving IT solutions that can relieve today’s IT pressures. Harness the cost-efficiency and business-critical resiliency and performance of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI to solve your business challenges.

Get the service experience you expect

Achieve your desired outcomes by aligning your priorities with the IT support service experience you expect. HPE Service Credits gives you the flexibility to choose from a variety of specialised service activities, when you need them. These include assessments, performance analysis, firmware management, professional services, and operational best practices.


Join the webinar where you’ll hear answers and solutions to today’s data, storage and security challenges plaguing IT leaders; and how they can help organisations fight cybercrime with strong defensive practices and advanced technology.

Adapt to the new normal Hybrid Workplace

It’s no surprise that technology will be a key factor in how we get back to the office post COVID-19, in enabling what will be the new normal. The networking solution such as contact and location tracing will help organisations manage the health and safety of employees, guests, partners and customers as they return to the office, the store, and the campus.


To make sure you are building a better network, follow these 5 simple rules.

HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the worlds’ most secure platform to meet these critical demands.

HPE Data Storage offers a breadth of proven products for client virtualisation.

3 ways AI will transform work for today’s students

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that artificial intelligence is going to change the jobs we will do in the future and redefine the role of humans in the workplace. Here we look at the three ways AI will change the world of work for today’s students.

Protect and modernise your data centre

The End of Support for Windows Server® 2008 has ended on 14 January 2020. For businesses that have not upgraded to a new operating system will put their business at risk. The biggest risk factor is security – the legacy hardware are much more vulnerable to attack. For a limited time, save on Windows Server 2019 licences that run on AMD based servers.

Improving the patient experience by optimising telehealth through COVID-19 and beyond

Telehealth is enabling clinicians to provide the best possible care in a challenging time. How will this new model of care change the role of the clinician and the patient?