July Tech Update

Why digital transformation is rapidly accelerating.

The future of business depends on today’s digital transformation

A huge 73% of IT managers are planning to accelerate digital transformation initiatives during this crisis. This e-book breaks down the top four digital transformation trends that are poised to shape our future.

Reduce complexity with HPE Apollo Systems

Technology is transforming nearly every human and business process, from driving business growth, to translating documents in real time, to enhancing decision-making. HPE helps you accelerate value from your data, using AI to create new experiences, drive smarter operations, and deliver breakthrough innovation.

Accelerate Return to Work Safely with Video Analytics

When the time is right, getting your people back to work and welcoming your clients in a safe and sustainable manner will be a priority. Implementing a video analytics solution will allow you to monitor all those entering your premises and their movements around the site to ensure compliance with social distancing rules and health guidelines.

Choosing the right VDI Storage solutions matters

The recent unprecedented circumstances are threatening businesses in every industry and interrupting essential daily business requirements. Customers are looking to rapidly unleash mobile productivity using VDI.

HPE is committed to prioritising the delivery of the worlds’ most secure platform to meet these critical demands.

HPE Data Storage offers a breadth of proven products for client virtualisation.

See our IT solutions for small and midsized businesses

Grow your business with small business IT solutions that power your key ambitions and help you achieve big goals. Whether you’re a small business with no on-staff IT expertise or a growing midsize company with IT generalists, these easy-to-own, small business technology solutions combine servers, storage, software, networking, and cloud capabilities into a turnkey experience.

In the AI era, universities need to strengthen students’ creativity

AI and ML have long been feared to herald the extinction of traditionally human-filled roles, yet recent events have demonstrated that this prophecy is far from the truth. AI will not eliminate humans, but it will change the landscape and redefine the economy – so how can students be prepared?