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Picture of LED screen
Picture of Boileau's new 5x4 metre LED screen, with an advertising video from the RSPCA playing.

We’ve been busy coming up with new products that will move your business forward, and we’re excited to introduce…*drum roll, please*


Our new tech-focused digital signage and content management product range! This includes the massive 5 x 4 metre Fujivision LED screen we’ve just installed at the corner of Marion Rd and Sir Donald Bradman Dr. Its uniqueness is that it displays both high-resolution video and image content.


The busy intersection reaches at least 120,000 Adelaidians every day, a majority being business executives. That’s a total of 3.6 million commuters per month!

And now you have the opportunity to be seen by every single one of them. All we need from you is the ad you want to show and we’ll do the rest.


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Sir Donald Bradman & Marion Road

The iconic Boileau building is positioned on a prime location with traffic flowing from the city to the Adelaide Airport and back.

3.6M Commuters Monthly

Providing unprecedented exposure to the millions of passengers that travel to and from the Adelaide Airport annually.

Enhance Your Advertising

Enhance your branding, support existing television campaigns as well as proved an invaluable link with a truly South Australian Company.

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Boileau is a unique boutique company providing ‘End-to-End’ Business Solutions at highly competitive prices. The needs of our customers are always our priority, and our professional advice is aimed at providing a satisfying and viable solution for our clients.




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