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Supporting daily business operations that depend on technology

Business are more reliant on IT Systems than ever before. Ensuring access to essential IT systems in the event of failure is critical to the survival of ALL businesses.

Let our highly trained IT experts give your business the winning edge.  Local Engineers with Global Experience

Boileau Business Technology provides comprehensive IT Services, that increase network security and stability whilst lowering the cost of system maintenance and admin. Our aim as a trusted advisor is to assist all our clients in their digital transformation.



  • We take ownership of your IT issues to provide ease of support


  • Pro-active Support Approach identifying problems before they occur.


  • One provider for all, Print, Telephony and Information Technology needs


  • Trusted Solutions that just work

We at Boileau offer a range of solutions to meet your IT needs. We specialise in IT Services including cyber security, telecommunications and IT managed services.

Cyber Security

Cyber security should be a priority in your business, our team of consultants can design and implement IT Services for your business to protect your digital identity.

IT Managed Services

Through our continual investment in new technology, we always offer cutting edge hardware and software IT Services to meet your unique business needs.


We are able to offer both traditional telephony to cloud based managed systems with mobile integration and video conferencing for your business.

Our professional consultants can meet with you onsite to assess your needs and create the right strategy, that can include:



  • Regular network upgrades


  • Backup and recovery services


  • Site audits


  • Cloud hosting solutions

Information Security

The Challenge:
What would the impact be to your business if your business data or client information was stolen or corrupted?


The Solution:
By reviewing your overall information and network security requirements, you minimise the risk of attack and offer your clients peace of mind in knowing their confidential information is secured.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The Challenge:
How much time does your business lose from poorly maintained IT systems?


The Solution:
We proactively monitor and manage your IT Business systems, helping us to identify problems before they occur; this provides more consistent operational cost to your business.

Virtual Infrastructure Capacity

The Challenge:
Do you need to expand your server and data storage environment but the capital cost is prohibitive?


The Solution:
Providing virtual capacity for your central IT systems, we can ensure your business runs on up to the minute technology, fully managed and secured, delivered from Boileau’s data centre in Adelaide.

Hosted Application Delivery

The Challenge:
Upgrading business software or purchasing a new business application only to find the overhead of upgrading too expensive?


The Solution:
Your business can grow allowing you a predictable monthly cost for software and infrastructure, whilst ensuring a stable and secure delivery of the software, giving you up to the minute business technology capability.

Why are we different?

We are different to our competitors by the service models that we apply to your business. We understand that every business is different so we individually tailor our solution and support to suit.

What are your main offerings?

Our experience covers all aspects of business operation from networking and infrastructure, through to servers and hosted solutions, and security services.

Why should we choose Boileau?

We are a managed service provider and aim to be your one point of contact for all Print, Communications and IT services. With 27 Years of local family owned operation.

Other Boileau Business Solutions

Boileau is a unique boutique company providing ‘End-to-End’ Business Solutions at highly competitive prices. The needs of our customers are always our priority, and our professional advice is aimed at providing a satisfying and viable solution for our clients.




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