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Data backup ensures continued access to your data in the case of a business disruption, from network crash to natural disaster, by creating an offsite copy of the information you rely on to run your business.

A business that doesn’t back up its data is at the mercy of losing the information it needs to function. Hopefully, your business will never have to experience a fire, flood, major storm, or disaster of any kind. More likely disruptions include threats like ransomware, server crashes, and simple user error.


Regardless of cause clients, partners, or regulatory agencies expect you to maintain access to your business data. And in today’s increasingly digital world, one of the most crucial considerations is your data.

Instead of fighting all these fires, consider outsourcing your Level-1 support issues to the technology experts at Boileau Business Technology.

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What Is Included In Managed Backup?

There is more to managed backup than recovery after a significant event. By having your digital documents stored securely on our cloud-based network, you can access previous versions of documents that may have been accidentally deleted or corrupted, and you can use these services to archive old data to keep your day-to-day data retrieval clean and organised.


As a part of this service, Boileau Business Solutions provides monitoring, reporting, and analytics of your stored data.

Benefits of Managed Backup

Easy Access & Recovery

If you’re ever faced with a natural disaster or technology catastrophe, restoring your data will be the least of your concerns when you work with Boileau Business Technology for managed backup services.

Encrypted for Security

Don’t stress about your data getting into the wrong hands. Managed backup solutions provide encryption abilities for security and compliance


Managed backup is a scalable alternative to on-site servers. You’ll never pay for more capability and storage than you need and it’s easy to increase capacity.

Knowing What You Need

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