Network & Security Audits

Prevent Network Downtime or a Cyber Attack

Do you know every device and software application running on your network?


Do you know where/if your network is congested and slowing employee productivity?


Do you know if network-connected hardware and software have up-to-date patches to prevent hackers from taking advantage of well-known security holes in your software and equipment?


It’s not enough to “think” you know the answers. With nearly every aspect of your business tied to the health of your network, you need to KNOW your network is in excellent shape.


Otherwise, productivity suffers and a data breach is probably only a matter of time.


Performing and then analyzing the results of a network audit takes time. Time your current IT staff most likely doesn’t have to spare. The IT experts at Boileau Business Technology are here to help you.

What’s Included In A Network & Security Audit?

• Hardware

• Software

• Connection to External Networks

• User Access

• Firewalls

• Password Management

Prevent Issues Before They Arise

A network and security audit is the first step to understanding your network’s exposure to internal or external security threats. Network management and security isn’t a one-time event. Boileau Business Technology will proactively manage your network – performing routine maintenance, patches, upgrades, and monitoring – to ensure it remains in peak condition.


It’s much less costly to prevent network downtime or a cyber attack than it costs to recover from either. Lost sales, lost customer loyalty, legal ramifications and more can cripple your business in the short- or long-term if your network crashes.


Managed network services with Boileau Business Technology puts you in front of these risks.


Are you ready to get and stay ahead of hackers and cybercriminals? It starts with a conversation. Learn more about how we conduct a network and security audit.

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