Spot Security Threats and Prevent Breaches

Spot Security Threats and Prevent Breaches

Regardless of how great your company’s security policy is, there is still a weak point that many companies face. It’s your people.


In fact, CompTIA claims that 52% of data breaches are attributed to some form of human error.


Even the best security strategies supported by great technology can be subject to a data breach when users fall for phishing scams or IT staff doesn’t follow policies and procedures. Human error is as much or more of a danger than unpatched software.


How do you overcome this issue? Security training.


At Boileau Business Technology, we work with you to round out your security strategy with user training. Our goal is to provide you the resources you need to stay proactive about your security.

What Training Entails

We’ll educate and train your team to spot security threats and prevent breaches. We do this by walking through:

• How to recognise malware and other viruses

• Password best practices and when to change them

• How to limit network access

• Where to turn with potential threats

Like many of the other services we provide, we put the customer first, making sure that we provide proactive solutions that fit the unique needs of your business. We find that with a little education, we can help ensure that you won’t have to call on us in the wake of a major security breach.

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