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User Instructions to the Boileau Online Ticketing System

Login to the ticketing portal by clicking on the ‘Raise Support Ticket’ button.

You can skip the 2-factor authentication by selecting ‘No Thanks’ option.


While you are logged in, you will see the below screen for the first time as per below:

Please select the ‘Service Desk – Tickets’ in the highlighted section. It will allow you to get into the ticket page directly for all future logins.

Next, please select Service Desk.


Once logged into the Service Desk, the screen below will come up – This screen will provide the detailed information and progress status of your ticket.

If you wish to add any note into the ticket, please double click the ticket and scroll down to the add note section and put note in there.

NB:  please make sure that you save your notes.

The detailed notes of the ticket will appear in the Notes Section.

The detailed notes of the ticket will appear in the Notes Section.

Summary             : Please provide the brief description of your issue

Phone No.           : Please provide a call back number

Category              : Select Service Request for general support

Severity              : Please let us know, the effect of the issue and the number of affected people

Description         : Please provide as much detailed info you can provide



After entering the selection please make sure that you have saved and closed your entries.


On successful submission of the ticket you will receive an instant confirmation of your request, a ticket number will be provided, and allocation of an Engineer will be confirmed.


Notification of Job Completion will be forwarded once the issue has been resolved.


Boileau Service Distribution /Help Desk

If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call our friendly support desk on 1800 423 181